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Saint John Catholic Montessori School

About the Montessori Method

Children of all faiths are welcome 

Established in 2011, Saint John Catholic Montessori School continues to inspire a lifelong love for learning in a safe, creative and spiritual environment. We provide good learning conditions that nurture the whole child in all areas: social, emotional, intellectual, physical, creative and spiritual.



The Montessori Method is a unique philosophy for the education of young children. Dr. Maria Montessori taught that placing children in a stimulating environment will encourage learning. This begins with a deep respect for children as individuals and a genuine concern for their social and emotional development.

The Montessori school is open to students between the ages of 3 to 6 years (preschool to Kindergarten). By the time children leave our program to start first grade, he or she should be able to read and understand the basic concepts of Practical Life, Sensorial Learning, Pre-language, and Beginning Math.

For new students to be successful in the classroom, they go through a "phasing in process." During this time, they will come to class a few hours each day to be introduced to the environment activity of the Montessori Method.